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Redken Haircolour Certification

Written on 02/09/2021
Max Spires

Redken Haircolour Certification - Master Level

Become a Redken Certified Haircolourist. The Redken Haircolour Certification recognizes and rewards salon professionals who possess exceptional
skill and true passion for their craft. It is designed for graduates of the Redken Specialist and Redken Haircolour Authority Programs who want to:

  • Be recognized for their colour expertise and commitment to excellence
  • Be respected and viewed as a Redken Certified Haircolourist
  • Use this prestigious title to highlight their status and expand their business and income
  • Take the next step in their stylist career toward becoming a Redken Artist

Auckland 3rd Oct | 4th Oct

Price: $450.00
Timings: 7 Hours
Class Type: Pillar Program: Hands-on / Ticketed Event

Discover this course and book with us @ 0800 888 122