Kérastase Launch Summit

What’s today's #1 millennial “hair fear”? HAIR-FALL. 88% of women experience hair fall 40% under the age of 35, yet hair loss products are only 3% of the market today. Come join Kérastase for the biggest launch of the year GENESIS. Inclusive for every type of consumer Genesis can offer solutions to one of the biggest gaps in the market.

Hair Spa - The Retreat

Discover how to create a unique experience for each of your clients. Explore the ultimate Kérastase Client Journey. Auckland | Wellington | Christchurch The ultimate guide to a unique hair spa experience. This class will equip you with the ability to create personalised, luxury experience for every guest who visits your salon. You will learn the unique gestures of massage, physiotherapist and osteopath created by Vincent Pouyet, how to conduct rituals and the results that they achieve allowing you to create a unique hair spa experience.

The Kérastase Collection

Delve into the heart of Kérastase, into the science of the hair and scalp. Explore a variety of techniques designed to show you how to present confidently to your clients. Auckland | Wellington | Christchurch | Napier | Tauranga | Queenstown A comprehensive guide to the features and benefits of the Kérastase collections. This fundamental class will equip you with confidence to diagnose and prescribe the most appropriate at home care for your guests to ensure their in-salon results are maintained at home between appointments.